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Coated Aluminum Coil

Production Specification: 0.2~1.5mm(thickness),40~1350mm(width)

Coating Method:Five-coat six-bake Production Technology

Coating Surface: Polyvinylidene fluoride(PVDF), polyethylene(PE), epoxy resin(EOXY) and polyurethanes(PU)Coating 

Warranty:Up to 20-year warranty certified 

Patterns:Natural Stone, Woodgrain, Fabric and customized patterns

Textures:Various textures achieved by coating itself and embossing

Colors:Customized colors are available in addition to standard colors

Glossiness:10%-90% on request

Various Coating Options:


Solvent resistanceNo base exposed
Pollute resistance≤5%
Boiling water resistanceNo abnormity
Salt spray resistance(4000h)Grade 1
Artificial weather aging(4000h)color uniformity≤3
degradation of gloss≤Grade 2
other aging Grade 0


Colors are distinctive landscape of a city, playing an irreplaceable part in the view of city. As the most visible element, application of colors directly shows the imagination of the designer. It is also significant to array colors flexibly to create original visual effect. We have managed to produce roller-coating aluminum panels with vivid colors and realistic patterns and textures like stone,woodgrain fabric, metallic, brush finish and etc. leaving more space for architects to imagine and design.

Solid color

RAL & Pantone colors are all available.

Woodgrain Finish


Stone Finish


Cement Finish


Fabric Finish


Custom Finish