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Solid Aluminum Sheet

Solid aluminum sheet use high-quality aluminum sheet as the substrate, brand fluorocarbon, polyester coating as raw materials; automatic CNC sheet metal processing equipment; use of automatic electrostatic liquid spray device and  powder electrostatic spraying device , The entire process of scientific rigor, high quality.

Advantage and characteristics

(1)light weight, good rigidity, high strength;

(2)fire-retardant effect, good fire performance;

(3)good weather resistance and UV resistance, excellent acid and alkali resistance; in the normal outdoor conditions, 20 years fade is not obvious;

(4)aluminum can be welded and drawing processing, processing performance, and can be processed into a flat, curved surface, spherical surface, tower and other complex shapes;

(5)as a protective coating on the surface, it is not easy to stain, easy cleaning and maintenance;

(6)color widely, nice, excellent decoration;

(7)recovery of high value, non-polluting, environmentally;

(8)As the shape of aluminum sheet and spraying have been completed in the factory, on-site installation of fast and convenient installation.


Test ItemRequirements of standard
Film thicknessaverage≥40μm min. ≥34μm or customized
Dry-film hardness≥1H
Gloss valueGloss Value<30Drying adhesion
30≤Gloss<70Wet adhesion
Gloss≥70Boiling water adhesion
Resistance to impactBoth aluminum sides should be no crack
Coating without loss and craze
Film adhesionDrying adhesionClass0
Wet adhesionClass0
Boiling water adhesionClass0
Hydrochloric acid resistanceNo change
Nitric acid resistanceNo changes such as blistering etc.△E≤5.0
Mortar resistanceNo change
Solvent resistanceNo base exposed
(4000h)Salt spray resisitanceNo lower than grader 1
(4000h) Humidity resistanceNo lower than grader 1
(4000h)Artificial weatheringDrying adhesion△E≤3.0
Wet adhesion≥70%
Boiling water adhesionNo lower than grader 1


It can be applied to wall decoration, curtain wall, roof and other exterior decoration, also can be used for indoor ceiling, elevator, road tunnel wall panels, etc., is a new environmental curtain wall decoration material.

Aluminum dimensions: thickness 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm, 6.0 mm Width 1000mm-1900mm length ≤ 6000mm

Paint type: liquid fluorocarbon, liquid polyester, powder polyester, fluorosilicone coating, water-based ceramic coating

Special Size: Conventional circular plate forming radius ≥ 150mm Special can make modle.

Punching hole punching hole shape, size, spacing can be customized according to customer requirements.